Add a little character to your life!

How do you capture a personality in clay?

Or an emotion like joy, despair, love?

Linda Held Wren wrestles with these questions

each time she enters her studio.

If her sculptures make you smile (or cry),

she has accomplished her goal.

If they let you daydream,

she has healed your heart.

In the right hands, clay can be therapeutic. 

It can give shape to our feelings. 

Linda received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University with a foundation in graphic and industrial design, and spent most of her career working in 2 dimensions. She designed ads for such companies as Nike, Seiko, and Mercedes. She climbed the ranks of various Ad agencies in her home town of Richmond, and worked as Vice President, Senior Art Director of The Martin Agency. Her focus shifted in 2002 when she started a Physical Therapy Clinic with her husband, Matthew. 

Longing to work in 3 dimensions, Linda took classes at The Visual Arts Center of Richmond. There she renewed her interest in clay, which she had kindled in High School. When Covid19 denied her access to the studio, her style had to change. Only then did she explore doing ceramic busts.

Lo and behold, her passion was found!

And these little characters were born.

Each of them has its own charm, personality and magic.

No two character sculptures are alike !

Whimsy galore.